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About Pegah

I am Pegah Moshfeghi. I'm an Iranian electronics engineer. I have been convinced that painting and drawing is a way for me to convey my feelings and portray my culture in concrete terms since young ages. All these thoughts were just a hobby until 2000.

My new country and where I live is Turkey. I have become more curious about drawing and painting. The lines in my dreams always directed me to the workshops. When I visited a jewellery shop, I felt deeply how the drawings turned into reality and how a dream could be real, and I thought, "Yes, I should now convey my feelings and share those feelings with the poeple who has the same feelings“ It's like a magical atmosphere in my mind at that moment. At the end I decided that my lifelong goal was to be a passionate jewellery designer in life. At first I had to get technical information and support. But I knew that this job has no age. It does not matter how perfect the work is, or how technical it is to convey your feelings, your dreams ... Important thing is how much emotion, feelings or shared feelings can be transmitted.

As a first step, I learned what the lapidary is and many jewellery techniques at Şenay Akin workshop and then I got acquainted with Mahreç Art House and I got contemporary art and enamel lessons from Tuba Atman. I’ve created the “Pegah Jewellery" brand to express my dreams, and my culture. From the first months of 2015, we have established our workshop with two designer friends named "Workshop of Happiness" and we continue to dream together and give life to the drawings.